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Parents and carers are the single biggest influence on children’s career decisions. We're here to inform you and support career conversations.

Career discussions

Talk careers with confidence – this step-by-step guide will get you started. Click on a segment to find out more.

Option choices

Routes and pathways

Jobs in demand

Applications and interviews

P7 to S1 transition

SQA results

Option choices

Understand option choices:

  1. What to consider in S2/S3
  2. What to consider in S5/S6
  3. Articulation routes
  4. Where you fit in

It's a big decision - but shouldn't be daunting. We've got the advice you need to help them choose the right direction.

Find out more about option choices

Routes and pathways

Understand routes and pathways:

  1. Apprenticeships
  2. College
  3. University
  4. Getting a job

Whether they want to learn as they earn or study after school, work out what’s best for your child with this guide.


Jobs in demand

Understand jobs in demand:

  1. Who they are and where they’ll be
  2. How employment is changing
  3. Horizons and networks – how you can help
  4. Researching opportunities together

The world of work continues to evolve – stay up-to-speed with the opportunties of the future


Applications and interviews

Understand applications and interviews:

  1. Job applications and interviews
  2. Social media and job hunting
  3. Further education and personal statements
  4. The importance of skills

Applications and interviews needn't be a stumbling block. Our guidance on skills, CVs and personal statements can support you.

Find out more about applications and interviews

P7 to S1 transition

Understand the P7 - S1 transition:

  1. Coping with change
  2. Learning about themselves
  3. The support they’ll get
  4. What you can do together

Moving to 'Big School' can be stressful. We're here to help you start thinking about their strengths, skills and ambitions.

Find out more about P7 - S1 transition

SQA results

Understand SQA results:

  1. What the results really mean
  2. What to do if they don’t get the results they need
  3. Apprenticeships, jobs and gap years
  4. Further education

Designed with our expert careers advisers, these guides will help you break down big topics into manageable chunks.

Find out more about SQA results

Routes to success

There’s more than one way to the right destination. Whether they're looking to study for a degree, start an apprenticeship or go straight into the world of work, we've got all the information you need to help them make the right decision.

Where next?


Work experience

Emily took a less traditional path to get her degree

"Emily stayed on for sixth year at school, and used her time to get herself another two Highers. At college she felt nurtured and much more in control."

Bethany Modern Apprenticeship

Bethany's Modern Apprenticeship established her in engineering.

“My apprenticeship has totally broadened my horizons and opened my eyes up to what I can actually do and achieve within engineering. There’s nothing to lose with an apprenticeship. All you do is gain.”

Cyber security

Going to university was the right choice for Ewan.

"My son looked at the various options when leaving school and thought that University was right for him. He chose the course and institution carefully, as he wanted varied technology and media skills to take into his career. He’s now in a job he really loves"

Jack Foundation Apprentice

Jack's Foundation Apprenticeship opened new doors.

“There are lots of options after I finish the Foundation Apprenticeship. I can go straight into working in a nursery, I can do a Modern Apprenticeship, I can continue to get a degree.”

Your stories

Share experiences with fellow parents and carers.

Laura said on Twitter:

“It’s so important to know where the job opportunities will be when my child leaves school so we can have the right conversations about them."

Pat said on Facebook:

"My daughter is 12 and her world of work is going to be totally different to mine. I can support and help her to develop the skills she’ll need."

Shona's story:

"The best kind of relationship between parents and their children is one that supports the child to make his or her own choices"

Jenny said on Twitter:

“My child’s scared about going to secondary school – how can I ease her mind?”

Your stories

Opportunities: Now

Job role
Average salary / Jobs
Software Developer
£20,000 - £70,000 2,720
Project Manager
£22,000 - £70,000 4,011
£25,654 - £31,533 15,120
Mechanical Engineer
£20,000 - £52,000 1,229
Systems Analyst
£24,000 - £62,000 362
Early Years / Nursery Teacher
£25,714 - £39,961 2,250

Predicted jobs

Opportunities: 2025
Financial and business services
Health and social care
Digital technologies*
Early Education and Childcare

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