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Work experience

Get a foot on the career ladder with a work experience placement.

They might go for a fourth year placement, arranged with school, or a more formal work experience scheme, which runs for a set period of time.

They’ll get:

• Hard-earned confidence
• Practical experience
• An idea of what a job is like

A perfect taster of the industry they're interested in, it offers the chance to build professional relationships and make up their mind on where to go next.

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Getting a job

If they’re looking to make an impact straight away, they may want to get out and join the world of work.

Whether they start by working part-time or land an entry-level position in the industry they're interested in, starting work early will grant them valuable experience and could fast-track their journey up the career ladder.

They'll get:

  • Chance to earn straight away
  • Established in a professional environment
  • Real-life, hands-on experience

By working their way up through the ranks, they'll build the skills to take them to the top.

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Long summer and winter holidays, and weekends, are good times to help out. And some programmes give young people experience during the working week.

They'll get:

  • Learn new skills such as organisation, leadership, research and teamworking
  • Build confidence
  • Explore jobs and career possibilities
  • Real-life experience which could impress future employers

There are some restrictions on what your child can do, when. For example, under 14s can't work for a profit-making organisation, even if they're unpaid. Check Your rights in work for more information on this.

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