Skills for the future: social intelligence


In an increasingly complex future, sharing information and communicating clearly is vital to build our understanding.


As technology allows us to work from anywhere in the world, it's more important than ever to connect with others.


Influencing, listening and motivating others will help us to drive change and understand diverse perspectives.


Expressing ourselves and sharing information.

In an increasingly complicated world, effective communication will be vital – in every way.

Storytelling will help us to illustrate our points. But communication shouldn’t be a one-way street. Listening and interpreting will be important too.

And as more jobs become automated, it'll become even more important in professions like accountancy.

It's all about:

• Receiving information: Understanding and processing communication
• Listening: Hearing and processing information
• Giving information: Providing clear written or verbal communication
• Storytelling: Using stories to persuade, motivate and bring things to life


Understanding the emotions of others.

To really connect with others and solve problems properly, you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

It'll help us work in teams, collaborate and understand diverse perspectives.

It's all about:

Empathy: Embodying and understanding another's perspective
Social conscience: Sense of responsibility and concern for wider society


Working with others.

As technology allows us to work in different ways, from different locations, we must be able to connect and share ideas with teams.

It's all about:

• Relationship building: Identifying and maintaining connections
• Team-working: Working with others toward shared goals
• Social perceptiveness: Understanding others’ reactions
• Cultural competence: Sensitivity to and awareness of different cultures


Influencing and motivating others.

With more control over our own work than ever before, we’ll need to step into leadership roles.

By inspiring others with a clear vision, we’ll shape creative individuals who’re able to take initiative.

It's all about:

• Inspiring: Creating a sense of direction and purpose
• Influencing: Working to gain the agreement of others
• Motivating others: Encouraging others to achieve goals

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