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Jobs in demand


"It’s so important to know where the job opportunities will be when my child leaves school so we can have the right conversations about them."

Lorraine's story

Alternative routes

"As a parent, my greatest hope was always for the happiness and economic stability of my children, recognising that higher education isn’t the only route to success and the pressure it can bring with it isn’t for everyone.”

Adam's journey to full time work

Finance and business

After completing an HNC in social sciences, Adam was keen to get into the world of work rather than continuing onto higher education.

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Routes and pathways


"When leaving school my son chose the course and institution carefully as he wanted the right tech and media skills for his career."

P7 - S1 transition

Being prepared

“My child’s scared about going to secondary school – how can I ease her mind?”

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Debbie's story


"When I thought about it, and had a look at the subject choice info the school had given me, I found that there’s a lot you can use drama for"

Subject choices

What the experts say

"Research shows that the best kind of relationship between parents and their children is one that supports the child to make his or her own choices"

Here's how to put it into practice.

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Emily took a less traditional path

Work experience

"Emily stayed on for sixth year at school, and used her time to get another two Highers. At college she felt nurtured and much more in control."

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Routes and pathways

Bethany Modern Apprenticeship

"Apprenticeships were a much better fit for my kids than going straight into higher education and I think that’s the case for a lot of young people."

The skills of the future

Pat said on Facebook

"My daughter is 12 and her world of work is going to be totally different to mine.  I can’t know what the future will bring for her - but I can support her and help her to develop the skills she’ll need."

Exam results

Coping when things go wrong

‘When the envelope landed on the doormat on exam results day she ran into her room and tore it open.  After what seemed like an age, I heard a big wail… "Mum! I’ve failed them all!"’

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Subject choices

Stressing out? We've got some tips to take the sting out the conversation.

Subject choices

Routes and pathways

Which direction are they heading in? Plot their journey to success with our support.

Routes and pathways

Jobs of the future

Don't be overwhelmed by what's out there. Our advisers have pulled together a guide.

Jobs of the future