Raz's story

How do you make sure you’re able to support your child whatever their results?

‘Zara has always been super independent,’ says Raz.

‘I was forced to leave school early and always felt like I couldn’t give her the any academic support – but I always made sure I was there for the four girls emotionally – even though that sometimes made me feel like a bit of a punch bag.’

‘Zara had done pretty well in her prelims, and because she was so confident and hard-working, I thought she’d be fine.

'Her older sister had sailed through her exams and I thought it would probably go the same way for Zara. And even if I didn’t, I’ve only ever wanted my girls to be happy. That’s all that matters to me.

'When the envelope landed on the doormat on exam results day, she ran into her room and tore it open. After what seemed like an age, I heard a big wail… ‘Mum! I’ve failed them all!!’

Taking another path

'At the time, it was terrible. She was inconsolable, and none of us knew what to do – including me. But Zara being Zara, she got over it and looked at her options. She ended up staying at the school and doing sixth year. To be honest she wasn’t very happy. But then she went to college and came into her own.

'She worked at a local supermarket all through college and recently got her own place. This year, she finished her marketing degree - and, after one false start with a business that wasn’t a good fit for her, she’s found the right company and is settling in well.'

How we can support you

Exam results is a stressful time but no matter what happens there are always other routes to take and support available.