P7-S1 transition

It’s hard to know who’s more nervous about going to the ‘big school’.

Often, it’s you - the parent.

If your child has additional support needs, it can be even more daunting.

Jenny’s daughter, Emily was diagnosed with dyslexia in primary 3.

‘I didn’t feel like the primary school was providing enough support and spoke to them on many occasions about it. They kept giving Emily lots of homework. It stressed us both out, and caused lots of arguments.

'Eventually, the school started to provide extra support and her primary 7 teacher eased off on the homework.

'Her teacher also suggested I get in touch with Parent Network Scotland, who provide lots of help and support. I did a course with them to help me cope with Emily’s behaviour, some of which was caused by her dyslexia - and some of it caused by her natural stubbornness!

'I thought that it would be like starting again when Emily went to high school – fighting for her to get the support she needed.

'I have had to do a bit of that - but the high school has been very understanding and she’s getting on pretty well now.